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Menotomy, Massachusetts — Along what is quickly becoming known as “Battle Road”, horrific scenes of violence and destruction are everywhere. Soldiers and civilians lay dead, or on screaming heaps on the ground, as a constant thunder of rifle fire is punctuated by the snap and crackle of burning homes and businesses.

And the Army is losing.

After fleeing Concord as rebel formations began to mass, the Army and Marine troops came under increasingly strong fire, as thousands of enraged citizens converged on their route of march. The troops seemed to disintegrate, but at the last moment, came under the supporting artillery fires of the 3rd Infantry Brigade (BG Hugh Percy), which had just arrived in Lexington.

The column reorganized itself, then moved out, as it was rapidly outmanned by arriving militia, and was apparently not carrying ammunition for a large engagement.

The militia both pursued and harried the column as it withdrew, forcing the troops to clear hills using bayonets.

Menotomy, however, was different.

Army and Marine troops went berserk, and have largely burned the town, hones and businesses included. One unconfirmed report states that troops shot or bayonetted one citizen no less than thirteen times.

The raiding force finally broke through Menotomy, and is in full retreat towards Boston. Thousands of militia from surrounding counties are pouring into to suburbs of Boston, and are effectively laying seige to the city by cutting off all road access. There are rumors of militia units marching in from New Hampshire, Vermont and Connecticut.

We do not know what tomorrow holds….but we will be here.






Concord, Massachusetts — Local armed groups, styling themselves as “patriot militias”, attacked Army special operations troops and local police near Concord, a suburb of Boston, this morning.

The militia had assembled in response to confused reports about the Army “massacring” people in nearby Lexington. In fact, Army and Marine units did fire into a group of civilians – some of whom may have been armed – as they passed through the town, early this morning. Numerous deaths have been reported.

About 90 Army troops had been stationed at the North Bridge, leading out of town, while nearly 200 more were sent to search the farm of James Barrett, a local militia organizer, rumored to have a stockpile of heavy military weapons, including artillery.

According to local resident Martha Moultin, the troops that remained in town did find some old cannons, that they promptly destroyed. The troops then set fire to some other equipment they had found, before throwing the town’s disaster-preparedness supplies in the municipal water retention pond. Shockingly, the troops also threw nearly a quarter-ton of lead into the pond.

The smoke from the burning equipment, according to a militiaman who declined to give his name, made the militia think that the Army was burning the town, prompting the militia, numbering about 500 men – from Concord, but also from nearby Acton, Bedford and Lincoln – to force their way across the bridge. The ensuing gun battle has killed at least seven soldiers, and the militia say that they have captured several more, a claim that we canmot currently confirm. The surviving troops retreated into Concord, while the militia ascended Punkatasset Hill.

The troops returning from the Barrett farm did not retrieve their dead at the bridge, but hurried into town to link up with the column, which then marched out of town, with the militia following at a distance. As the column pulled out of town, however, this reporter observed the end of the column fire back into the town, seemingly at random.

As this is posting, sounds of heavy rifle fire continue on the Concord-Lexington road, indicating heavy fighting…..

Stay with us for the latest.




Boston, Massachusetts — The Army, in coordination with local authorities, has launched a series of raids that it says aims to recover arms stolen from government armories, as well as illegally-owned weapons from certain individuals.

A joint special operations unit, composed of Army and Marine personnel, was en route to the town of Concord – a suburb of Boston, about 20 miles from the City Center – to assist local police in the confiscations when, according to Army spokesman Captain Robert Brown, “some local people” opened fire on the troops as they passed through the center of Lexington Township. The troops returned fire, and several civilians were hit. No Army casualties were reported.

Local residents claim a very different story.

“The bastard’s killed my brother!”, exclaimed Jacob Porter; his brother, Asabel, is confirmed as being among the dead. “Everyone was just trying to go home. The Army just opened fire, then came at us. My God, they bayonetted people! Poor Mr. Harrington crawled to his doorstep, and died in his wife’s arms! It’s just insane!”

Jonathan Harrington, a local mechanic, is also among the dead.

“I don’t know what they expect to find in Concord,” John Parker said. “There’s nothing there but people’s personal weapons…”

Check back frequently, as this is a developing story.





Our correspondent spoke with local businesseman John Parker, a spokesman for the local gun club. “I’m not sure what’s going on,” he says. “Everyone was woken up by what sounded like artillery, and met in the town square. We were trying to go home, when the Army showed up. They yelled something, then started shooting…A bunch of people have been shot…”

This paper is able to confirm at least five civilian fatalities, and numerous wounded. There are no reports of Army casualties.

Keep checking with BRI for updates on this breaking story.





Government troops fire into crowd of civilians during gun confiscation raid

Reports are reaching this office that government troops have fired into a crowd of civilians, in the town of Lexington, Massachusetts. Information remains sketchy, but casualties have been reported.

Speculation has been rife in the last several weeks that the government would begin confiscation of privately held firearms, despite strident opposition.

More information will be published as it becomes available.